Art Walk


Visit the Make It Funky Art Walk & Gallery curated by The Hive Gallery!

Over 25 artists will be painting live throughout the event creating works of art right before your eyes! Select pieces will be available for purchase.

The Hive Gallery and Studios Mission:

Founded in Spring of 2005, The Hive Gallery and Studios is a truly unique and vibrant gallery/studio experience. It is a virtual think-tank, buzzing with 5 featured artists a month, two full galleries, 20 working artists, and an artist-made item store. As part of the downtown Gallery Row Art Walk, various fundraising events, and gallery programs such as yoga, figure drawing, movie screenings, and more, The Hive is a profound support network for the growing Los Angeles Art Community.

Fundamental to The Hive Gallery’s vision of creating a thriving community of artists, is its opening monthly art show and performances. “ We seek to break down the quiet, traditional, art-on-white-walls, viewing experience and create a gallery atmosphere that is as equally alive as it’s artwork.” Events usually include 4 featured artists, a featured installation artists, up to 100 group show artist, 10 performances, video projection, live painting, and more.

The art featured in the gallery leans toward neo-pop illustration in nearly all mediums that are highly crafted and affordable. Artists that show at The Hive have proven their dedication to the community by consistently producing high quality work on a month to month basis. Frequent monthly shows encourage the participating artists to fine tune their craft, develop new communication forms, and experiment with particular styles, imagery, and techniques.

Operating on a low commission basis, The Hive allows the artist to sell high quality work at a low cost, making it more affordable for the general public to purchase an original piece of art. The Gallery is a breeding ground for young buyers with work ranging from $10-$5000, and an artist-made item store which includes all work for under $50. In addition, the gallery provides more expensive work by established artists for both the new and seasoned art patrons. The Hive studios allow buyers to build close relationships with artists who work out of their spaces. This allows resident artists to sell, exhibit, and network from their studios with a no-commission, artist to buyer policy.

In essence, The Hive provides an enriching art gallery experience and is a hub for hundreds of local southern Californian artists. Its accessability to the new art buying audience and fresh vision for the gallery viewing experience makes it a pivotal gallery landmark for the emerging Los Angeles art scene.


Confirmed Artists to date:

Alex Schaefer
Alfie Numeric
Asylm One
Daron Nefcy
Erick Rodriguez (Live Sculpture Demonstration
Henry Cram
Ichae Ackso
J Salvador
Janet Kim
McEvoy and Rodriguez (6pm)
Megan Elizabeth Ford
Mikolaj Wyszynski
Paul Torres
Randy Kono
Raya Golden
Tony Koehl
Yuki Miyazaki

The Hyste Team - Creating a 16' x 8' Piece:
Dytch 66
Tiki Jay One
Van Soro