Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Main Stage Schedule:

2:00pm The Remitch {DJ Set}

2:30pm Jeremy Sole {DJ Set}

3:00pm E Reece and Core Elements

3:45pm Jeremy Sole {DJ Set}4:00pm Jeremy Sole's Musaics

5:00pm The Remitch {DJ Set}

5:45pm Anthony Valadez {DJ Set}

6:45pm Simple Citizens

7:45pm Anthony Valadez {DJ Set}

8:00pm BabyStone

9:00pm Michael Barnes {DJ Set}

9:30pm The Rebirth

10:30pm Anthony Valadez {DJ Seet}

10:45pm Connie Price and the Keystones feat. Percee P, Wildchild from The Lootpack & MC Daakir/Soup of Jurrasic 5

11:45pm The Remitch {Closing DJ Set}

12:00am - 2am Free After Party at The Grand Star Jazz Club (in festival grounds) 21+

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